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  • April 28, 2015

Does Your Cape Match Your Boots?

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Does Your Cape Match Your Boots?

A company name is like a superhero: it has a great origin story, one that is unique to them, and only them.

Some of these origin stories are embedded into our pop culture mythology. Like Google’s intentional misspelling of “googol”, or Coca-Cola being a simple list of their original ingredients. In the case of a certain marketing and branding firm, it’s a spin on an amphibian that comes in every color but one.

Ideally, a company name is meaningful, clever, and the foundation of its brand. The possibilities, it would seem, are endless.

But a recent NPR report discovered that one industry is facing a shortage of unique company names: craft breweries. An over-saturation in the craft brew market in general is leading to name repetition and, as a result, litigation.

From logo to tagline, we’re committed to helping our clients stand out and apart with their brand. Call us; we’d love to hear your origin story.


Written by Caitlin Carnes

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