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(well… maybe a little rocket science)

We’ve found most companies do one or two things for SEO and it gets them decent results. At Whitefrog, we have five pillars of service that outperform our competition simply because we work harder. SEO isn’t magic or some technical trick – it’s building a solid strategy and executing it diligently each month. At Whitefrog, personnel are dedicated to each pillar to develop expertise and efficiency, delivering extreme value.

5 Pillars of SEO: Our Approach

Simply put, it’s the best thing ever. We start by making an exhaustive list of fixes or opportunities, based on our 5-Pillar focus. Every month is approached differently based on performance and opportunities – allowing our SEO service to fit like a glove.


– PILLAR 1 –

Keep it clean, keep it light.
The right coding for your website
will make all other SEO efforts sing.


– PILLAR 2 –

Content is king.
Has been king. Will always be king.
Focusing on quality, not quantity.


– PILLAR 3 –

Getting a bigger footprint online is
made possible by having updated
and relevant information.


– PILLAR 4 –

Authority comes in two flavors:
inbound and outbound. Both are
equally important to pursue.


– PILLAR 5 –

Nothing draws a crowd to draw a crowd.
We promote initial traffic campaigns
to get the engine turning.

More features? Certainly.


We work with a number of major providers including Google and Shopify.


We put our skin in the game with you so we succeed when you succeed.


Our team is built around the five disciplines, with dozens of specialties.


Nerf. Dart. Gun. Wars. When you visit our offices, you’ve been warned.


We love a challenge. Thinking outside of the box and forgetting what’s possible.


We pride ourselves in helping our clients improve their bottom line.

Case Studies

Sales Training Series

“Long, Profitable Tails.”

Motivational training has been around as long as oral communication. Sales Training Series brought training for real estate, insurance and general sales into the 21-st century with the largest library of on-demand videos with dozens of world-class authors and contributors. Facing stiff competition from established media companies, STS was a startup that needed to find a way to break into a highly competitive industry. Rather than go after exact phrases such as ‘sales training’, Whitefrog worked to develop hundreds of long tail phrases such as ‘real estate sales training’ and ‘insurance sales motivation videos’.

GAR Labs

“Qualified Traffic.”

As a top-tier private label skin care and hair care manufacturer, GAR Labs received requests from lots of visitors to their website. The problem with these requests was the unqualified nature of the inquiries – most were startups or accounts too small for an industrial facility such as GAR Labs to support. By identifying what type of new business GAR Labs desired, Whitefrog assisted in developing content and strategy to effectively target the right client.


“Cleaning Up.”

A competitor had called the possibility of ranking MedTrainer effectively through SEO as a ‘lost cause’ and this was not acceptable to Whitefrog. Previous efforts by a third-party had plagued MedTrainer with tens of thousands of penalizing links and spam content. As a top-tier cloud provider, this wasn’t an adequate representation of their brand. Whitefrog cleaned up more than 80,000 links, developed an SEO strategy and took MedTrainer to new heights, building a positive relationship.


Need a website?

We’ve been crafting amazing websites and awesome brands for more than two decades. Take a peek at our work below. Our team is available for a minor refresh or complete overhaul.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee (seriously)

Results will vary, but we guarantee to provide measurable fixes to your website code and meta-tags in the first month. Get your website tuned up and begin noticing ranking improvement in all major search engines. We aren’t promising miracles overnight, but we will get you moving in the right direction from day 1. In fact, we guarantee it.

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