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Welcome to Whitefrog

You have a story.

And we're here to tell it.

We believe the best way to do our job and serve you is to be your partner. To be the first and last place you turn with questions, concerns, and ideas. To offer the tools necessary for you to become the brand you envision.
What are you passionate about?
What makes you the best at what you do? Where in the digital world are you? You may know, but what about your target audience? We make sure they do. Our job is to get to know you and your goals, and then always be thinking and critiquing. Others have called this critical dreaming. We call this action simply to ‘leap’ – figuring out not only how to jump, but also where to land.



New tech, shrinking attention, more competition. Challenge accepted.


Brand Development

Delivering authenticity by sharing your story and passion.



We interact more on mobile devices than on any other platform. It’s time to adjust your game plan.



Launch your website with elegance and effectiveness. We help set higher expectations.



Beautiful design has but an instant to communicate everything. Speak with authority.



We craft focused, mobile-friendly, secure shopping experiences that convert and collect.



Drive relevant, eager traffic to your website through organic search.


Campaign Marketing

Consistent, creative, engaging. We help you deliver your message through social, outreach, pr and digital.

At Whitefrog, our team doesn’t do status quo.

We don’t do adequate or average. Our focus is to provide something that is not only different, but also exceptional. Being a successful full service creative agency isn’t doing one thing well. It’s doing hundreds of things exceptionally well.

Matthew Leeds


Diet Coke and Diet Coke.

He’s the one waking up the rooster. That’s not the dawn cracking, it’s Matt’s first can of Diet Coke. Owner, CEO, Strategist, Developer, Designer, Copywriter, Project Manager, Account Executive, Brand Developer, Marketing Analyst, Camp Counselor, Dog Trainer, Interpretive Dancer, Race Car Driver – we can’t narrow it down. You pick one.

Stephanie Perryman

Production Director

Suspense novels, World of Warcraft, her mustache outfitted cat – Lilu, and garlic.

Let’s start with her guacamole. It will change your life – no exaggeration. Once we have enough of it in the fridge, we let her go back to her desk to crush deadlines, organize her organizer, and lead the PM army to victory.

Amanda Walker

Creative Development

Grace, coffee, sushi, and her koala bear.

Shakin’ hands and kissin’ babies – all while wearin’ giant plastic glasses. She can write a project proposal, develop a creative marketing strategy, and mastermind a plot to steal all of Alan’s punchlines. On the weekends you can find her on stages of local community theatres where she pretends to be funnier than she actually is.

Richard Ybarra

Marketing Specialist

Chipotle, craft beer, and his dog.

He rides in each day on a tidal wave of energy drinks and Chipotle steaks. He commands these forces of nature with a voice as smooth as his hair gel. Richard is pretty much our BizDev Chuck Norris. We don’t tell you what he does, you can’t physically keep yourself from calling to find out.

Phyllis Locko


Family, romance, and my morning cup of coffee.

The human equivalent of the little allen wrench that comes in Scandinavian furniture, she’s what makes the office come together. Without our beloved P.Lo, most of us would never remember to eat lunch or pick up “Line 2.” She’s so nice she makes the Care Bears look like furry little jerks.

Shaun Defense

Code Ninja

His shitty Honda Civic.

Where else can you find a designer who can tame the coding beasts of the interwebs, create righteous logos, AND drive a car that fights crime? Yeah, nowhere else. He’s ours, sucka!

Coco McKown

Project Manager

Family, coffee, and jazz hands.

No that’s not her real name, and no we’re not telling. We will say she is as passionate about client success as she is about quinoa and squat challenges. Just be warned- she’s been known to outfit stalk. On multiple occasions.

Natalie Noriega

Creative Strategist

Crushed ice, nacho cheese, and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song.

She’s got jokes and an inhuman amount of curls. Her creative content insights and strategy ninja moves make her an indelible part of our bizdev team. In her spare time she enjoys pranking her 10 year old son and reading the local Penny Saver.

Stacey Parcell

Project Manager

Family and country music.

Don’t let her size fool ya. Picture Mr. T in pink cowgirl boots. We pity the fool who underestimates our petite PM powerhouse. Kicking ass, taking names, and crushing deadlines – just a normal Tuesday for Stacey.

Tristen Arnold

Design / Illustrator

Art, family, and green tea.

Although he is a professional baseball agnostic, he’s design devout. Hand this guy a sketch pad and pencil and he’ll make the angels weep. Occasionally you’ll find him worshiping at the altar of Pepsi.

We exist to transcend mediocrity. No one should hire us and expect just good enough - good enough never is. We exist to create great things. To reimagine, to reinvent, to rediscover what is possible. We exist to bring ideas to life. To be relentless. To tirelessly craft exceptional work. To stop busy minds and open them. No one should hire us for the ordinary - the ordinary is our enemy. We exist to be your partner in dreaming, in playing, in creating something beyond what is currently imagined. To Leap.


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